Adyar Ananda Bhavan Sweets and Snacks is South India’s largest chain of Sweets, Savouries and Restaurant brand with more than 150 outlets across the country as well as overseas .

In the early 2000s,The company started their high class Vegetarian restaurant under the brand name “A2B”. Both brands exists together in all the outlets in India as it serves customers with some of the most delicious Sweets, Savouries and pure vegetarian delicacies. The promoter brothers KT. Venkatesan and KT.Srinivasa Raja are the pillars for their huge success.

From this year, they have ventured in to the online delivery world by launching their a new e-commerce portal Along with delivering best quality sweets & savouries, they have brought in new brands A2B greens & groceries, AAB Bakery, where focus is given to best quality vegetables, fruits, groceries, Cakes, Cookies including imported fruits and vegetables which is made available for Chennaites. Currently delivering in Chennai & Bangalore, the plan is expand pan India and then global.


A2B has crossed 100 branches in Tamilnadu with outlets in Chennai, Coimbatore, Ooty, Salem ,Erode, Karur, Namakkal, Trichy, Madurai, Vadipatti, Tanjavur, and rest of the 50 outlets are spread across in Puducherry, Bengaluru, New Delhi, Mysuru & Nellore, with Bengaluru taking a lion’s share of 35 outlets. Apart from dotting the highways across Tamil Nadu we will see few more new outlets coming up in Vikravandi (near toll gate), Mettupalyam ( near black thunder), Chennai airport metro station and Chennai airport departure ( domestic and international)


A2B has branches in 6 countries as of now with the plan to put a pin in the main cities of every country across the globe in the near future to be the most favourite South Indian Food brand in the world. Branches include USA – New Jersey (3) – South Plainfield , Parsippany &Princeton, Dallas – Frisco, California-San Jose, Virginia – Herndon, Malasiya (Masjid India & Brickfields) , Singapore (Serangoon Road & Little India), Sydney & Melbourne (Launching soon ) – Australia , Nairobi-Kenya, Launching soon in Toronto -Canada.


AAB serves Authentic milk sweets, Bengali sweets and ghee sweets like chandrakala, thengai burfi, dry jamoon,fruit halwa ,gulkand burfi, jangeri , kala jamoon ,kalakand burfi ,malai beda , special malt Mysore pak and paneer jamoon are delicious.Try their dry fruit sweets and Bengali sweets like moti laddu, special dry fruits laddu, tota burfi, wheat halwa , badam halwa and special savories like special mixture, murukku, pavakkai chips, butter murukku ,ellu murukku ,kaimurukku, karasev ,vendaikai chips, thattai ,mini thenkuzhal ,ribbon pakkoda , seedai and many more. They have added a new dimension to their sweet offerings of special Arabian sweets like baklava – the delicate, layered phyllo dough crusted, rich and nut filled Arabic sweets.


Then AAB has the traditional treasures that are not necessarily sweets. Some of the crowd’s favourites include vazhai poo vadai, kuzhi panniyaram and the evergreen favourite: Boli, with a variety of stuffing. “We have an unique variety of food items to offer our customers; We give them everything under one roof: r e s t a u r a n t s , sweet shops, bakeries, ice creams, fresh produce of vegetables and fruits. Apart from above we also have large number of branches in the city and other parts of the country which has been a factor to make us an easily recognised brand by all” says K.T.Srinivasa Raja and KT Venkatesan who are the brand’s Managing Directors.


A2B Veg Restaurants serves authentic South Indian ,North Indian ,Chinese as well as Chaats varieties . Special Dishes like ghee pongal, sambhar idli, 14 idly,sambhar vadai, curd vada, mini tiffin, special ghee roast, rava roast and carrot uthappam are some of the delicious dishes which are loved by all . Must Try includes A2B special meals ,south Indian meals and the mini meals for the lunch. For the evening snacks A2B offers one varieties of snacks like kuli paniyaram ,bonda ,onion bajji, valakkai bajji, adai aviyal, kolukkattai’s like kara kolukkattai, mini kolukkattai and sweet kolukkattai. We also offer the best Chaat like bhel poori, channa masala,d hai papdi are some of the chaats you need to try! Decade after decade Adyar Ananda Bhavan brand has only strengthened its deep commitment to serve customers the best quality food. Today, A2B is the most recognised vegetarian restaurant in Chennai, cherished by many for our bountiful food at affordable prices


Before AAB zeroes in on any ingredient, it has to go through very strict, professional and scientific Research and Development (R&D) processes. The finest ingredients are a must. In fact, they are the foundation of AAB’s promise.
“We are prepared to go that extra mile to fulfil our pledge,” says K. T. Srinivasa Raja, who, along with his brother, K. T. Venkatesan has grown the business into what it is today.
Challenges have only made the brothers seek solutions. Like the time when they saw the quality of milk and milk products they were outsourcing was being compromised and this was affecting the final output of sweets. The brothers took a decision to do away with inferior stuff and become self-reliant. So, AAB put in place where their company owned dairy which helped in cutting out the stress of depending on erratic supply and quality from outside sources.
Today, from AAB’s dairy, the best milk, cream, curds, cottage cheese and ghee are used to make their sweets. Soon they are planning to launch A2B Ghee, A2B Curd to provide its customers the genuine quality and taste of Ghee & Curd.
Skill & Technology – Production & Quality Mantra
Whether its people or machine, AAB always goes for the best in the business. You will notice AAB’s sweets are uniformly textured and sweetened to perfection. This uniformity comes from the state of the art manufacturing facility which deploys the best of the equipment to bring in best hygiene, quality & taste in a completely controlled environment. Its worth mentioning the clean room technology being set to make the finest of the sweets in the most clean & hygienic environment with every production person going through a sanitization chamber.
All AAB sweets are produced and packaged in temperatures that are suitable to bring out the best in that particular sweet.
To ensure their quality is not compromised , the Quality control team conducts random tasting every single day to keep in check with their quality. Noticing the need for baked confectionery and ice creams, AAB set up their centralised state-of-the-art bakery and frozen dessert units. These centralised units supply all the AAB outlets on a daily basis using temperature controlled delivery vehicles.


Started 4 years ago, with a clear vision to give the customers the best quality and taste in packed Snacks, Sweets, Rice paste, Masala powder & Mixes at affordable prices. Their products are available in more 70,000 stores in Tamilnadu and 30,000 stores in Karnataka, Andhra & Kerala put together with a recent launch in Mumbai retail market. Products include Madras Mixture, Ompodi, Karasev, Potato chips, Ribbon Pakoda, Moong Dhal, Masala peanuts Soan Papdi (plain, Chocolate, Orange, Strawberry flavours), Gulab Jamun Tin, Rasagulla Tin etc. Soon they are expanding their distribution network to the other states in India and to other global markets.


Health leads to happiness is another brand from the house of AAB. With this particular thought, AAB decided to create sweet delicacies made using the most healthy millets ingredients. Instead of processed white sugar, the chefs use healthy, natural sweeteners like jaggery, palm sugar or honey. Millets substitute gluten rich and carb loaded grains, making the sweets as healthy as they can possibly get. This offers AAB customers options that could keep them fit and their taste buds happy, while taking care of all age groups and their dietary needs. In fact, some of Chennai’s Adyar Ananda Bhavan outlets serve millet snacks in the evening


  • Every member on the AAB team has made an uncompromising pledge to quality and customer satisfaction. And that promise reflects in their sweets, bringing out the best taste in every bite.
  • Happiness leads to good health, which in turn enhances the celebrations of festivals and life. These two commitments were the driving force behind AAB’s team of chefs and quality controllers who started working.

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